You’re invited to attend a masterclass on what's involved in selling your home.
In this in-person masterclass we'll cover a range of different topics including:
Where and when: 6:30pm
We'll provide pizza and light refreshments in a fun, casual environment where lots of questions are welcome.
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 May 17, 2023
Selling: How, What, and When
 Jun 14, 2023
Should I Renovate Before I Sell?
 Jul 5, 2023
Mid-year Market Update
 Jul 19, 2023
Is my House a Teardown?
 Aug 16, 2023
Five Keys to Maximize Sale Price
 Sep 13, 2023
Top 10 Real Estate Mistakes
 Nov 15, 2023
Selling: How, What, and When
 Dec 13, 2023
Advanced Selling Strategies
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